Monday, February 21, 2011

My online portfolio... or not?

I'm currently reading the ebook “Taking your talent to the web: a guide for the transitioning designer” by Jeffrey Zeldman. Now, I’m not a web designer, nor a transitioning print designer, and the book was written in 2001 – but I figured that I might still learn something from it. If nothing else, then at least it’s very entertaining to read:
“Five years ago, the entire Web was a hack, held together with carpet tacks and lasagna. We are better off now than we were then. And soon the nightmare of browser incompatibilities will be a story we tell to bore our grandchildren.”
The ebook mentions the practice of having a portfolio to show prospective clients or employers, and how you can now put your portfolio on the web instead of dragging it around in print form. I’ve seen this mentioned elsewhere (of course in places I can’t remember right now); the advantages of having your portfolio online, especially if you’re a writer or designer of some kind.

So it made me think: even though I’m not a designer, I am kind of a writer. That is, I’ve written my share of projects in the course of my education. All of them are relevant to library and information science in one way or another, some of them are good if I say so myself, and some might even be interesting to others ;) What would be the pros and cons to uploading these projects to my blog?

This blog is actually a kind of online portfolio, in that it reflects (one aspect of) my writing style, thought process, weird ideas, etc. Seen from that perspective, I'm looking to enhance it with another type of writing; that is, more professional, research-based, and specifically within my field.

I’ll have to think about that... specifically: what can old exam projects say about the person I am now? Hmmm :)

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