Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This post was written on Tuesday, March 15th

Sitting on the train on the way home from a meeting about my company's nationwide database system. Great meeting; lots of information, and opportunities to talk to people who do the same work you do, only in a company across the country. Now, though, I'm bored. My usual train ride is 45 minutes; this 2+ hours trip suddenly feels endless! But let's face it: boredom is a healthy feeling, once in a while. When you don't feel like reading, or playing games on the pda, and you can't talk on the phone because you're sitting in the silent zone* ... eventually, you will find something to do.

So now I'm writing this blog post. Which was supposed to be about not knowing what to write about but you know how it is: once you pick up that pen, suddenly you're writing *something*. I can really tell, though, that I'm used to writing on a computer and not on a notepad (no, I don't mean Notepad; I mean the paper kind! The pda keyboard clicks too loudly to be used in the silent zone of the train, or I would have used that) with an actual pen. My hand is cramping up a little - which is not a bad feeling, actually :) I remember it fondly from when I was writing a story and had so many fully formed sentences in my head that my hand couldn't keep up. Being creative can be painful in so many ways.

So, let's talk gadgets. Not necessarily for writing; the pda is adequate for that. But... having taken this long trip today, I've found myself really missing internet access! I can't check my personal email (waiting for a reply from a moving company), I can't check my work email (would I? Yes, I think I would be too curious not to), I can't read reddit to keep me entertained (although as stated above, boredom is good sometimes), and worst of all, I can't check up on lolcats! My current favourite is Business Cat - that's kind of work related, right?

Part of me thinks that it's probably healthy in some way for me not to have internet access 24-7, while the other part of me wants to buzz out and buy a smartphone asap. That's right: I have one of those phones that can make calls and send texts, and that's just about it. Oh, there's a camera as well but it's crap.

Hmm. Maybe I should stop by a mobile store and hope that they know what my needs are, phone-wise, since I don't seem to know myself :)

¿Que hora es?
Som las diecisiete y ocho. (Train ride and Spanish practice rolled into one.)

- which means that I'll be at the central station in about ten minutes (which is good because a certain part of me is getting tired of sitting...). And there you have it: a blog post which kept me entertained on the last tough stretch of my trip - and which probably neither entertains you, the reader, nor contributes anything intelligent whatsoever to the blogosphere.

You can't win 'em all :)

*That's right, I'm one of those annoying people who talk on the phone on trains and busses. I spend so much time on some form of public transportation that I often spend the time keeping in touch with my family :)

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