Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Write for ten: Yo-yo

That morning, Elisabeth had a full-blown silent argument with herself in the mirror. She was brushing her teeth, looking at everything around her but herself - thinking about nothing in particular until she caught her own gaze in the mirror.

- I've got to stop, she thought to herself. - I can't keep daydreaming my time away like this. It's not accomplishing anything. 

She twisted the toothbrush to reach the molars.

- Screw that! Why should I stop? It's the one thing I enjoy! It's not fair that I should stop. Although... I should really spend my time on something productive. Like, I should start exercising. There's that new gym that just opened last month. 

She realised that she had looked away, and turned her gaze back to her reflection.

- I need to get my life together, is what I need to do. 

She surprised herself by actually rolling her eyes at that thought.

- I'm not my mom, for god's sake! So what if I daydream? It's a perfectly normal way to relax and... and unwind. 

- Really? What do I need to unwind from? Work isn't exactly rocket science. 

- Shut up, it's a great way to not think about work... or my parents, or whether or not Sandra wants me to move out so her boyfriend can move in...

- To escape from responsibility, is that what I'm saying? 

She realised she had been vigorously brushing the same two teeth over and over. She rinsed her mouth and looked at her reflection.

- I'm not gonna stop daydreaming, she said out loud. - Nothing I say can convince me to. And that's final.


This is another character study based on a Write 4 Ten prompt - this time the prompt was "Yo-yo".


Donna B. McNicol said...

Oh, I really liked this one. I could visualize her standing there, arguing with herself. Well done!

Camilla Kyndesen said...

Thank you, Donna! It was a fun piece to write, and I think - if I had had more than ten minutes - that it could have evolved into something more :)